Giving Back

Giving Back | Kundalini Yoga Grand Rapids | Free Classes at Gilda's Club

My mom, Annelie Werblow, died of lung cancer in 2014. Nine months after her cancer was diagnosed, she passed away. She lived in Germany and I lived in the United States. I tried to spend as much time as I could by her side but having a family in the U.S. did not make that easy. I’ll never forget how my mom and I were chanting the Aquarian Sadhana mantras together a few days before her death. She could hardly follow but was enjoying it. She taught me to sing when I was a child and she had the most beautiful voice. I also taught her how to stay calm using yogic breath techniques and she used these tools at the hospital when she underwent treatment to not let the disease take over. I wished I could have done more for her.

Free Kundalini Yoga for Cancer “Fighters”

Instead of dwelling in that regret, I decided to help other people battling cancer throughout their journey by offering free Kundalini Yoga classes if you wish to participate in my classes.

Contact Susanne Werblow for details.