“I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the kundalini experience. I was moved to tears in many portions. This may sound odd, but I saw the colors of the rainbow with eyes closed. I also experienced the “thick” energy field during the hand/wrist movement. It was as if my hands were going churning butter. In my 20 years of practicing yoga, I’ve never felt such energy.” Sarah Simon

“Starting my day with Kundalini Yoga gives me extra focus and energy throughout my day.  It also provides me with more peace and balance in my life. Susanne is a very thoughtful, kind and loving person! Joy Taylor Morgan

“The light and restorative core energy that is made available to explore with Susanne in the practice of Kundalini Yoga is beyond words.  Once you have experienced it you will want to bring more of it into your life.” Beth Page

“Susanne’s Kundalini Yoga class not only transforms your body, but it is a multi-dimensional practice that is healing, uplifting and centering.  It is the most holistic form of yoga I have ever experienced energizing my mind, body and spirit. I am forever grateful to Susanne for introducing me to kundalini.  I am hooked!” Kelly Gest

“I am a very physical person and started my yoga practice with Vinyasa flow. I discovered Kundalini with Susanne and was completely fascinated. If Vinyasa takes care of my body, Kundalini restores my mind, my energy ; it gives me balance and clarity while benefiting my entire well being. Kundalini becomes pretty soon a lifestyle and a great complement to any physical activity you perform and affects your entire life in a positive way.” Marta Fenu

“I have been pleasantly surprised by my first three weeks of Kundalini Yoga. I am not very flexible and do not possess a “yoga” type body. I am rather short and round and have some health issues that make it difficult to do certain forms of strenuous exercise. Two weeks ago I had an appointment with my cardiologist. After a short greeting and basic health conversation, he said to me, “I am not sure what you are doing but keep it up”. I told him I had started a new exercise program. Susanne has designed a yoga program that meets my health needs. I have started slowly sitting in a chair. I can work at my own pace, build my strength and become more flexible learning the Kundalini Yoga format. Thank you Susanne. “ Julietta Brothers

“I’ve had the fortune of getting to know Susanne, founder and  instructor of Kundalini Yoga GR, both as a cherished friend and as a gifted instructor of Kundalini Yoga. In a time when yoga is hip, “hot,” even trendy, I have been amazed by her humble, calm approach, staying true to the roots of the Kundalini Yoga tradition and it’s founder, Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini Yoga, considered one of the most comprehensive forms of yoga today, blends yogic postures, movement, breath techniques, deep relaxation, meditation, mantras and mudras into a practice that will teach you relaxation, self-healing and elevation. My personal experience with this yoga tradition has been life enhancing. I began attending during a time of deep emotional and spiritual growth, when transitions were abundant and life held unknowns. As busy humans with handheld devices that seem to inundate us with both significant and superficial chatter almost all day, this class holds space for intentional quieting of the mind and internal assessment, and letting go of all that clutters our minds. This practice is less about striking a perfect pose and more about becoming mindful of and balancing the energies within. Thus, the benefits are multiple. Susanne selects a particular format, or “kriya” for each session. A kriya is physical, yet may be designed to enhance the immune system, the adrenal system, and even particular emotions. So, as we exercise physically by movement and mentally by breath and going within, we impact and even heal internal systems that we often forget need attention. One sets their own pace in Kundalini Yoga. I find this aspect carries over into other areas of my life. We need to set our own pace. With the speed of life, our mental, emotional, as well as physical pace is something we forget we have a say in. This peaceful yoga practice works at every pace and each session is adaptable to all, from the most experienced yogi to a person who may have limitations, or even no yoga experience at all. There is always an adjustment in technique and pace. Classes are small, gentle, quiet, accepting and centering. That is not to say there is no work. Once the kriya for the day is ending, you realize you have done the work, and your mind and body are both thankful. I would be remiss if I did not mention the long relaxation portion of Kundalini Yoga. The comprehensive deep relaxation that completes the class involves Susanne playing a large gong, sound therapy that is simply beautiful and deeply centering for the mind and body. For me personally, I walk out balanced and peaceful. Kundalini Yoga GR is one of Grand Rapids’ best kept yoga secrets. To know Susanne and experience this practice is to be blessed. Her insight, compassion and intuitiveness are truly a gift. I welcome you to come share in this experience.” Kathy Duisterhof

“Kundalini Yoga Shortened My Sleep and Improved My Life. I love sleep. I work hard, and sleep harder. Nothing is more luxurious than the extra few minutes I can squeeze out of the alarm before having to get up for work. I relish the early morning hours when I know I have to be up soon, but I can snooze for another hour of sleep. Sleep has always been such a priority that I have never understood those “crazy” friends of mine who were awake and out the door for spin class by 5 AM and then showered and home again getting their kids up for school at 6:30 AM. And then I took a 5:15 AM Kundalini Yoga class with Susanne at the Wellness Collective GR. I wanted to give Kundalini Yoga a try for health reasons, and the 5:15 AM class was the only one that fit into my work day. The hope of moving my neck freely and without pain was stronger than my desire to sleep, so I found myself getting up early for class. That was eight months ago. Not only have I been going to the 5:15 AM class twice a week since April, but with Susanne’s encouragement I have created a daily morning practice at home. Even through the summer when my work schedule allowed me to take a later class, I preferred to continue at the “ambrosial hour.” Not only did I love having a whole day ahead of me after the 5:15 AM class, but I also felt more energized on days when I practiced early in the morning. Through Kundalini Yoga I found more than just increased neck mobility. I found focused awareness of my breath. I found meditation techniques. I found deep relaxation. I found a practice in harmony with my personal journey. And I found a place where I can BE in community with others. Eight months later, there are still mornings I need a nudge from my husband who hears the alarm before I do, but I come to consciousness much more easily now; and knowing the energy of the other yogis will inspire me, I eagerly roll out of my bed and make my way to class.” Lea Sevigny