Owner’s Manual for the Human Body, 6 weeks Kundalini Yoga Series will start the week of April 16, 2019.

I was told that in ancient China, people would pay their healers to stay healthy, and stop paying them when they became sick until their doctor would get them healthy again. I don’t know if this is true, but I like the idea of focusing on prevention rather than repair once health is out of balance.
The ancient kundalini yogis had also to rely on staying healthy way back then when there was no Western medecine to save them and they developed highly potent yoga series called kriyas to keep their body systems healthy, tuned up, alive and in balance with the rest of the body.
What if you could learn these tools, build your Kundalini Yoga health toolbox and start a home practice based on your needs ? Join me for a first 6 weeks series exploring yogic tools (kriyas and meditations) and also life style tips to keep different body systems healthy. The first 6 weeks will be the part A of a two part series.
Program A (Upcoming 6 weeks series)
1/ Week of April 15 : Musculoskeletal System
2/ Week of April 22 : Circulatory System
Week of April 29 : No class
3/ Week of May 6 : Respiratory System
4/ Week of May 13 : Immune System
5/ Week of May 20 : Nervous System
6/ Week of May 28 : Endocrine System

Later this year, another 3 weeks series will be offered as Program B with a focus on the Digestive System, the Urinary system and the Reproductive System.

Every week there will be 4 identical classes focusing on the system of the week. You will need to pick between :
> Tuesday Mid Morning 9:30-11 AM series
> Tuesday Evening Series 7-8:30 PM series
> Wednesday Early Morning 5:15-6:45 AM series
> Thursday Mid Morning Series 9:30-11 AM series
You need to stick with your day and time but if space allows it, you may make exceptions and catch up another class the same week if you can’t make it to your specific day.

In order for you to take the teachings home, Susanne will as usual create a closed facebook group that you will be able to join and access the resources to practice on your own, after having attended the class. Safety requires that you practice the kriya at least once with a teacher.

Finally, as an option (extra fee) you may book a private class with Susanne to work with you on a specific 40 days program, tailored to your needs, during or after the series.

Cost for the 6 weeks series is $75. Please book the whole series in advance on the eventbrite link or contact Susanne directly so that your spot is reserved. Students may also use their 6 class punch cards but need to reserve their spots by letting Susanne know that they will be joining to help manage space.
Cost for the optional private class : $90 for 1h30 min.

For more details and dates check on Kundalini Yoga GR Facebook.

Can a beginner participate ? Anybody may participate, whether they are beginners or advanced students. You work at your own level

Are there chair modifications available ? Yes, if you are not comfortable sitting on the floor for longer periods, you may use a chair.

What to bring ? Bring your personal yoga mat, blanket, meditation cushion and water bottle. Ware comfortable clothes and a head cover.