Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Kundalini Yoga GR

Read on for some answers to frequently asked questions about Kundalini Yoga in Grand Rapids.

Where are Kundalini Yoga classes held?


What do I bring?

  • Your personal yoga mat, but in case you forget it we have mats you may borrow
  • A bottle of water or tea: it’s important to stay hydrated during and after the practice
  • A blanket for relaxation and meditation
  • A meditation cushion or pillow (optional for comfort when seated for longer times)
  • Dress in comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement. Traditionally, Kundalini Yogis dress in white because that color reflects energy. Recommended, but not required.
  • A natural fiber headcover (cotton shawl, bandana or any wool hat)


Does Kundalini Yoga GR offer gift certificates?

Is there any better way to surprise a loved one for a special occasion than with a gift of yoga ? Susanne Werblow offers gift certificates in beautifully decorated mason jars for any occasion. Just ask. 



How do I contact Susanne if I have questions?

Contact Susanne directly through the form on this page. You can also follow Kundalini Yoga on Facebook