Weekly Classes

Currently, because of covid, Susanne Werblow teaches 3 live Kundalini Yoga classes online weekly, through a monthly subscription. Every week, as part of this subscription, you will also receive a recording of the 2 programs

Tuesdays and Thursdays, program 1, the Weekly Kriya : 7-8:15 AM

Wednesdays, program 2, the Winding down/meditation Session : 8-9 PM

Please always check our calendar or our Facebook page to make sure the classes are being offered that specific week, as we do take time off during holidays or between series.

Susanne Werblow teaches with the seasons. She offers thematic series throughout the year in these weekly classes.

For example, “detox” in the spring, “boost your immune system” in the winter. Each series runs between 4 and 10 weeks, depending on the theme.

Each week, Susanne will focus on one specific aspect of the series. That way you get 3 chances to practice the same class before she moves onto the next aspect of the series.

Also included in every series is admission to a private Facebook group, where Susanne posts links and resources to deepen your learning and help you commit to a home practice in between your regular classes.


Examples of Kundalini Yoga Series taught throughout the year:

  • The Path to Detox (spring series)
  • Fall Transitions (fall series)
  • Fire Up Your Natural Defenses (winter series)
  • Balance your chakra system
  • Managing Stress
  • The Ten human bodies
  • For us Women, Kundalini Yoga for women health
  • A journey through your digestive system
  • How to stay healthy, yoga practice for health prevention